Voima 1

Voima = Power. Clean power = Graditech.

 Any system starts with the energy it receives. Therefore a system can perform only according to the quality of the energy it gets.

The investments audiophiles make in their systems need not be lessened because the equipment cannot perform at its best. At Graditech we understand the need to make sure that your electronics are performing optimally, because we know how important it is to get the best playback for all your music. Voima power cables smooth the sound, leaving out unwanted graininess – say goodbye to listening fatigue!

Graditech cable for Devialet

No Devialet Expert amplifier without Voima power cable

We know that the lucky owners of Devialet amplifiers love their systems. Over the last years, we have extensively tested our Voima 1 power cable with Devialet Expert amplifiers. As a result, we are as confident as we are proud to say that your Devialet amplifier will never sound better than with a Graditech Voima 1. It is the best match for Devialet, both soundwise and physically – thanks to the compact connector of the Voima 1, you can close the back lid of your Devialet amplifier and enjoy the music. You will see and hear it for yourself: The Graditech Voima 1 is the perfect power cable for Devialet Expert amplifiers.

Voima, as are all Graditech cables, is hand-made in Finland

It is composed of 3 conductors each 2.5mm² wrapped in a 2-PUR insulation. Modified Furutech gold plated pure copper plugs with Furutech floating field damper optimized with nylon screws eliminates all internal RF noise and crosstalk. Unlike many power cords delivering such clean sound, Voima 1 is thin and flexible.

Measurements 1.5m @1kHz

  • Capacitance 68pF
  • Inductance 2.28uH
  • Resistance 0.012ohm

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Please contact your local dealer or distributor. If you cannot find your country on the list, you can purchase our cables directly from Graditech.


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