Story of Graditech

My name is Sauli Liitiäinen and I am the managing director of Graditech. We are a leading high-end cable manufacturer based in Finland. Our multi-awarded cables are being used by professionals and hifi fans all over the world.

Graditech was founded in 2000. We wanted people to hear music without filters, without distortion, without the barriers many other cables create. We wanted to connect listeners with their music. With his roots lying in the loudspeaker and electronics industries, we’re well aware of all the inherent problems of the speaker, amplifier, cable, and room interaction. Being a Finnish designer and a music lover, this was a challenge that we intended to win – Finnish people like challenges, after all.

I have been captivated by audio since I was twelve, when I built my first amplifier. I had never been satisfied with the sound from the amplifiers on the market and wanted to perfect what I heard, to hear what I did not hear. At the age of thirteen, I built my first pair of loudspeakers – the start of my “quest” in the HiFi world. That quest finally led me to Graditech, which I joined in 2012, after years of teamwork.

I like almost all kinds of music – though at times I favor progressive tunes, sometimes classical music. However, my profound background in electronics and acoustics makes listening to music a personal challenge. I know how live music sounds like, and I know what electronic components can or should not do.

The quality of sound is very important. It allows us to empathize with the emotions of the composer and musicians. In terms of sound, everything matters: How transients come through. Soundstage. Tonal quality. Especially balance is very important: Neutrality is the key – yet it mustn’t sound flat. I believe that perfecting the sound allows the listener to understand how, and most of all, why the music was made. Of course, considering psychoacoustics and how hearing works play a key role in this process, and that’s where I lay a strong focus on.

Until now, common knowledge told us that there is no ONE best cable for all systems. As soon as you exchange a component,  chances are you need to reassess your cabling, too.

The ``perfect`` cable is adjustable (or brand-matched)!

At Graditech, we use huge number of different high-end sources, amplifiers, preamplifiers and loudspeakers to continuously test our cables during the development period as well as afterwards. Ranging from Devialet amplifiers, Genelec studio monitors, Dynaudio, Penaudio and Gradient loudspeakers, Moon and Norma Audio electronics to Lansche Audio plasma tweeter speakers – we take the time to evaluate them all.

If you now consider our high-end cables to be the most likely perfect match to your system, just contact us and we will gladly give you our recommendation. And because our motto is “Only satisfied customers needed”, we also give you a two-weeks-satisfaction-guarantee.

We are convinced that, once you hear your system with Graditech cables, you will love them. After all the purest copper in the world comes from the Nordic countries — and so does the purest sound.


Kind regards,

Sauli Liitiäinen

Managing Director